Our mission is to realize lump sum and turnkey Mechanical and Electrical installations on the basis of a two decades experience in complex projects design and site management.













Our company is a natural evolution of a design studio which has employed 15-20 people during the last 20 years. Our skills:

Compliance with regulations

As engineers we are used with codes and technical laws. Our experience in several countries allow us a not common knowledge and a flexibility to match local rules compliance

High quality standards

We have matured the habit of selecting equipment and suppliers not only on the basis of pure economic savings but above all on the basis of quality and duration: life cycle costs analysis are our standard.

Respect of customer needs

We are aware on clients’ requests in terms of performances associated to a budget We cooperate with our clients since the beginning of the project conception by suggesting different solutions associated to correspondent costs.

Knowledge of site conditions

We know the specific needs (climate, exposure to atmospheric agents, specific sizing factors). We know how to manage both material procurement and testing, commissioning and after-sales assistance. We are used to taking prompt action on site with the necessary specialists. We know how to work in collaboration with local realities.

Management of multidisciplinary aspects

We are used to cooperate with architectural and structural aspects to obtain a full integrated design which optimize installation duration and costs.

Advance modelling

Revit use has been implemented in the last two years with satisfaction both from our part and our clients mostly for the real help for site multidisciplinary aspects. For MEP dimensioning our calculations are developed with certified software products.

Swing Energy

was founded with the purpose of realizing MEP installation.

Our organization which involves: General and Project Management. Purchasing office. Technical office dedicated to construction design and technical purchasing management. Delivery and logistic Management Office. Job technical coordinator (junction ring between technical office and site). Site organization with Site Manager, Responsible Human Resources, Store Responsible. Staff – specialist consultants for packages installations.

Our more than two decades experience. Our capacity in individuating the solutions that fits our clients requests. Our capability to individuate the right equipment in terms of quality and duration. Our knowledge of codes and local rules. Our habit to work with different exigences in different cultures. Our flexibility to match our clients’ modification and integration request. Make us the privileged partner in MEP realization.

Our History

Swing Energy is a natural evolution of Rocca Bacci Associati, a design company who, having matured a decades experience in design and direction of the works in complex projects associated with a decennial experience in Equatorial Africa Countries, decided to directly participate to lumpsum and turnkey MEP installations. In our realization we make use of the collaboration of experienced professionals and installers with whom we cooperate for years.

What we do?

Swing Energy deals with the definition of the detail design, the lump-sum construction and post-installation assistance.
We are experts in specific exigencies (climate, natural agents exposure, particular room requests).
We are acknowledge in project management and purchasing and delivery of materials and equipment.
We intervene promptly on site with the support of professionals and specialists from various sectors.
We are used to co-operate with local authorities and local rules and codes.

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